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The Internet is broken, take 2. Another big Internet bug at Black Hat?

Mar 19, 20091 min
Core Java

Black Hat founder Jeff Moss told me a few months ago, that he was hoping that some researchers he knows were going to be able to go ahead with a big talk at Black Hat Europe next month. Well, we don’t know who’s giving the talk, but it looks like it is going ahead. Here’s a note that Black Hat’s PR people are sending out:

This year’s Black Hat Europe will have the biggest news yet, impacting

everyone that uses the Internet.  We expect this research to be as important

as Dan Kaminsky’s DNS research from the summer.

Beyond this top secret research that will not be disclosed until April 16th,

6 brand-new vulnerabilities and 12 new tools will be revealed.  Some of the

speakers are willing to talk beforehand, would you be interested in doing a


New techniques will demonstrate how to:

Attack backbone technologies such as MPLS and Carrier Ethernet

Penetrate SAP systems

Hijack mobile data connections

Compromise OSX and iPhone

Penetrate deep into Corporate Networks from their warehouse WiFi

Attack Open Office

Gain full Microsoft database control through SQL injection

Automatically create Windows shellcode

Hijack the Linux kernel*

Smash Linux stacks

Reveal hidden and/or lost metadata in published documents

Black Hat Europe runs April 14-17 in Amsterdam