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Diebold says hackers put Trojan on Russian ATMS

Mar 17, 20091 min
Core Java

I read about this one on the Sophos Blog this morning. Sophos’s Vanja Svajcer  had heard a rumor that some ATMs in Russia had been hacked with Trojan software installed on them. So he checked submissions from VirusTotal and found that there were indeed 3 samples of Trojan code for Windows making Diebold-specific calls. The oldest one was from November.

I called up Diebold, who told me that in January, they started warning customers that criminals in Russia were breaking into Diebold ATMs and installing card-sniffing software and “devices.”  Suspects have been apprehended in the case, Diebold said.

I don’t have a lot more details, but here are two letters Diebold sent out to customers. They’re pretty interesting.