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Alleged Fannie Mae data bomb author working for BofA now?

Feb 02, 20091 min
Data and Information Security

Just who does Rajendrasinh Makwana  work for? He’s the Richmond, VA man accused of writing a script that would have wiped out Fannie Mae’s data center this past weekend, had it not been caught by a heads up sysadmin (who really deserves a bonus, don’t you think) just days after Makwana was terminated from his contract position at Fannie Mae.

In court filings, the FBI said that Makwana worked for OmniTech, an local outsourcing firm, but it turned out that his real employer was another outsourcer: Marlabs, of Edison NJ. To confuse things further, he was actually what they call a pass-through contractor, so Fannie Mae had a contract with a company called IonIdea, who in turn retained Makwana’s services via his employer, Marlabs.

The prosecutors and the defense in the case today filed a motion to correct the record on this, but what’s a lot  more interesting is Mr. Makwana’s Linkedin profile, which lists him as a systems engineer at Bank of America.

I hope they have better security controls in place than Fannie Mae.