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WabiSabiLabi comments on founder’s arrest

Nov 08, 20071 min
Data and Information Security

Security vulnerability marketplace WabiSabiLabi has finally broken its silence on Monday’s arrest of co-founder Roberto Preatoni in Milan. This comes as the latest development in an ongoing Telecom Italia spying scandal. They didn’t really have much to say, but here’s the statement:

Roberto Preatoni Strategic Director of WabiSabiLabi has been arrested

and remains in custody in Milan.

WabiSabiLabi can not comment on the open investigation or the statements

being made in the press.

From newspaper reports we presume the arrest relates to events in

2003/04 when his former company was hired by Telecom Italia’s Security

division to safeguard Telecom Italias’ interests and are unrelated to

WabiSabiLabi in any way.

Mr Peatoni’s unfortunate arrest has not affected the day-to-day

operations of the WabiSabiLabi.

Roberto Preatoni is well known for his terrific contribution to

information security and civil liberty and we are confident that his

innocence will be established if a case ever comes to court.

By the way, as the guys at Matasano Security have pointed out… Corporate bloggers beware: automating your “company in the news feed” = a bad idea. Check out the stories here on the WabiSabiLabi blog.

–Robert McMillan