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Hacking as Art — Joe Grand’s 20 goto 10 exhibit

Oct 26, 20071 min
Data and Information Security

I had the pleasure of meeting & hanging out with Joe Grand last night, the former L0pht Heavy Industries hacker who’s designed those super-cool Defcon conference badges the past two years.

He’s moved to San Francisco to work on “an engineering build show for a popular science cable channel due early 2008” (hint, if you can’t guess the name of the network, it’s named here. That link takes you to the San Francisco Art Gallery 20 goto 10, run by Chris Abad (Formerly of antispam vendor Cloudmark; now working for a direct marketing company… irony anybody?)

Abad is putting on an exhibit of Grand’s work, opening Saturday, and he and Joe Grand let me photo a few of the pieces last night as they were setting up. Check ’em out.