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Cyberterrorism exposed by the Colbert Report

Oct 04, 20071 min
Data and Information Security

Normally, I would only post something this silly on a Friday, but this Colbert Report item on cyberterrorism is just too funny. This report looks into the sordid story of Samuel Peterson II of Sparta, Michigan who was recently handed a $400 fine and 40 hours of community service for illegaly accessing a computer system (translation: using a cafe’s free Wi-Fi from his car).

He had been facing a 5 year felony & $10,000 fine.

My favorite parts:

Peterson: I don’t consider myself a hacker

Colbert Report: Then why the hacker hands?

Donna May (Cafe owner whose service he ‘hacked’): I never pressed charges or anything…There’s nothing I got out of it but bad publicity. That’s what I got out of it. I don’t believe it makes Sparta a safer place”

-Robert McMillan