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Fark hacked by Fox news journalist?

Aug 17, 20072 mins
Data and Information Security

Silicon Valley gossip site, Valleywag is reporting that a Memphis-based Fox TV news correspondent named Darrell Phillips has tried to hack the silly newslink site

Uh, right.

From Valleywag…

But consider this: Phillips’s station has launched a news aggregator, The hacker appears to have been hunting for source code and trying to log into Fark’s Web-based moderation tools. A look at either would be helpful to someone designing a social-news website.

Phillips might claim he was researching a story on the security of social news sites. If so, the fact that Fark employees so readily detected the intrusion and shut it down doesn’t leave him with much of a tale to tell. But certainly, for a newsman, this would at least be a plausible cover story.

And one last motivation that should be mentioned, in the service of conspiracy theorists everywhere: Could Phillips have been working on behalf of higher-ups at News Corp.?

OK maybe I’m biased, but my perception is that TV news guys in Memphis generally don’t have the technical chops to be hacking Web sites, but what do I know?

And remember, this is Valleywag: The site that (totally incorrectly) blamed a recent data center outage at San Francisco’s 365 main on a drunken employee’s rampage.