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More problems with McAfee?

Aug 10, 20072 mins
Data and Information Security

These apologetic emails from McAfee are becoming an annual tradition.

Last year, McAfee had some issues with the roll-out of its brand new antivirus software, code-named Falcon. Things got so bad, in fact, that the company did a bulk email apologizing to users who may have had Web slowdowns or excessive warning messages.

Well, looks like they’re sending out another apology.

This one was delivered Thursday:

Dear McAfee Customer:

McAfee recently released a product update that caused problems for some of our customers. We apologize to anyone who may have experienced issues.

McAfee has released updates to address these issues automatically. We have also created a secure web page with an update tool to help resolve any remaining issues and to confirm that you have the latest protection.

We strongly encourage you to visit the site and run the repair tool, even if you are fully protected. If you are having Web browsing issues, you should still be able to reach this Web page. Information can be found at:

It is our mission to make sure that every customer has a positive experience with McAfee. We are dedicated to providing you with the highest level of service possible. We again apologize for the inconvenience.


McAfee, Inc.

Anybody know what’s going on?


Update from McAfee PR

During a product update earlier this week, some McAfee consumer customers received a “yellow” protection status through the McAfee Security Center panel indicating that they were no longer fully protected. In addition, some customers had problems with Web browsing.