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WSJ: How to skirt corporate IT policy

Aug 02, 20071 min
Core Java

I did a story from Black Hat Wednesday on some new techniques for getting inside of the corporate firewall, but I see now that the Wall Street Journal has published some tips for users on how to do a similar kind of thing, but from the inside.

Lenny Seltser, a handler with the Internet Storm Center,  (along with many other corporate IT types, no doubt) was troubled that such an influential publication would take a tone that “almost encourages the employees to look for ways of bypassing such policies–an action that can be detrimental to their employers and their careers.” A good point.

Said ISC reader “Jeff,” — ” What’s next, an article on how to help terrorists launder money and not get caught?”

OK that’s a little extreme. Users are not terrorists. We may bet technical idiots, but we’re also your friends. 🙂 To me this just underlines the perennial point that if IT becomes viewed as unreasonable naysayers, then users will revolt.