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Norton 2008 now in beta

Jul 03, 20071 min
Data and Information Security

Just saw this on the Symantec beta site today. The beta versions of Norton AV 2008 and Norton Internet Security 2008 are now available.

These products will have a new network-mapping feature as well as Symantec’s behavior-based SONAR detection software built into them — SONAR is already available as a free add-on to 2007 users.  Internet Security 2008 also has a new feature called “Identity Safe,” which “keeps your personal information and your identity safe when you buy, bank and browse online.”

The betas promise improved performance but no word on whether they’ve really fixed those processor-hobbling weekly scans.

With product refreshes due this fall both Symantec and McAfee have launched beta programs for their upcoming consumer/home office products. McAfee Total Protection 2.0 went into beta two weeks ago.