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Bruce Willis: My Mac keeps me safe from hackers

Jun 22, 20071 min
Data and Information Security

Is Bruce Willis worried about hackers? Naw, he’s got a Mac.

At least that’s what he told movie news site, in an interview today.’s Russ Fischer asked him “How dependent are you on technology? Can you be hacked?”

Willis’s answer,  “I don’t need to worry about it much, because so much of my life is an open book. And what I do is keep to myself….  But I’m a Mac guy, anyway.”

When Fischer suggests that Willis uses a Mac because his latest film, “Live Free or Die Hard” co-stars Justin Long (the “Mac” guy from Apple’s Mac vs. PC ads),  Willis whispers a message to Steve Jobs.

From the interview:

“You’d have thought I could get a deal. But I still have to pay for them. (Whispers into my recorder) Steve Jobs, if you’re listening… “