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Month of Safari Bugs?

Jun 12, 20071 min
Data and Information Security

When I blogged about seeing the first report of a Safari 3.0 bug yesterday, I had no idea that I was watching the beginning of a stampede. Within 24 hours security researchers claimed to have found as many as 18 bugs in Apple’s latest browser, which was released in beta for Windows and Mac users on Monday.

With all of these bugs, there has been some chatter on the Full Disclosure list about how there may be a “Month of Safari Bugs” in the works. A follow-up to January’s Month of Apple Bugs?

Don’t count on it.

According to two of the researchers you’d wan to invite to participate in a Month of Safari bugs, it ain’t happening.

I”ve asked around about this, and I think this is just some troll trying

to screw with people,” said Tom Ferris, who claims to have discovered 10 Safari bugs. That’s one-third of  a month right there, so you’d think he’d  at least be invited.

Another Safari bug-finder, David Maynor, says he hasn’t heard anything either.

And even if he had, I’m not sure he’d play along. “I couldn’t think of anything more tedious than looking for 30 bugs in Safari,” he told me.