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Self-serving vendor polls only go so far

Feb 19, 20072 mins
Data and Information Security

A survey released today by risk and compliance management vendor nCircle reports that nearly two-thirds of 83 IT security professionals it surveyed believe their own personal data is less secure than it was two years ago.

According to nCircle, the “full poll results” consisted of only one question: “Do you think your personal confidential information is more or less secure than it was 24 months ago?

 Total votes: 83More – 34%Less – 66% 

A pity they couldn’t be bothered to ask why.

Seems vendors regularly conduct little surveys designed to promote their products, but some at least take it a few steps further and give some interesting details. What do  we get from this survey? An assumption by nCircle’s CEO that he knows the reason why these security professionals voted the way they did:

Says Abe Kleinfeld, CEO of nCircle, “Security professionals believe that their own personal data is at risk because they know that most organizations approach the problem of data security from a defensive position, one which leaves both the data and the organizations vulnerable.”

Must be nice to have such tremendous insight. Maybe take a little more time with the next survey and give us something we can use.

-Shawna McAlearney