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This Could Happen To You

May 21, 20082 mins
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Sometimes after reading these in the news I wonder how it could happen.  A prime example being yet another email that was unintentionally sent to someone.  When Countrywide Financial Chairman Angelo Mozilo’s hit “reply” instead of “forward” and email went out to a borrower stating that the homeowners please for help was a “disgusting” example of form letters.  Sadly enough for Mr. Mozilo, this was an example of not only why pausing before sending is important but also choices of words.  Read in context this email may not have seemed as it is being portrayed.  But, as in litigation, its the bits and pieces that are taken out and examined.  All this makes me ponder email I have sent both by mistake and if taken out of context.  Granted I have never called anyone disgusting but I’m sure there is plenty of things that could come our poorly phrases are highlighted without context.  I’m not sure the answer to this but I had to at least acknowledge some sympathy for Mr. Mozilo – I’m not agreeing with his statements but rather at least acknowledging there is probably more to the this story.  And hey, we all make mistakes.

On another note, get ready for the latest iPhone.  Sounds like a security nightmare in the sense that there is little IT can do to control individual users.  I’m doing some research but that will be the next posting!

Kris Haworth is a Managing Director in the FTI Forensic and Litigation Consulting practice and is based in the San Francisco office. She focuses on computer forensics, expert testimony and electronic discovery. Ms. Haworth has more than fifteen years of professional experience in the technology industry and more than ten of years of experience in computer forensics and electronic discovery. She has provided services to Fortune 500 corporations and some of the country's most respected legal firms. She has worked on cases that have established national precedent, including Advante v. Mintel, World Courier v. Baron, In Re Verisign Securities Litigation, Playboy v. Welles and Trigon Ins. Co. v. USA. Her practices have been approved by government agencies including the FBI, FDIC, DOJ, and SEC. She focuses on large-scale electronic evidence production, internal corporate investigations and computer forensics engagements. She frequently assists clients involved in government investigations, HSR merger issues, intellectual property theft, securities investigations, and other types of class action litigation.