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Cyber Militias – How Would you Establish Yours?

Aug 15, 20112 mins
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·         Creating and Sustaining Cyber Militias

·         Creating a Structured and Sustainable Cyber Militia

·         Turing Bombe – Gray Hat Hacking Democracies Enemies

·         Constructing an Effective Cyber Militia

Some definitions to get you grounded:

CYBER means:

1) any process, program, or protocol relating to the use of the Internet or an intranet, automatic data processing or transmission, or telecommunication via the Internet or an intranet; and 2) any matter relating to, or involving the use of, computers or computer networks. (Cybersecurity Act of 2009)

MILITIA means:

The term militia is commonly used today to refer to a military force composed of ordinary citizens to provide defense, emergency law enforcement, or paramilitary service, in times of emergency without being paid a regular salary or committed to a fixed term of service. It is a polysemy with multiple distinct but related meanings. Legal and historical meanings of militia include:

Defense activity or service, to protect a community, its territory, property, and laws. The entire able-bodied population of a community, town, county, or state, available to be called to arms. A subset of these who may be legally penalized for failing to respond to a call-up.

A subset of these who actually respond to a call-up, regardless of legal obligation.

A private, non-government force, not necessarily directly supported or sanctioned by its government.

An official reserve army, composed of citizen soldiers. Called by various names in different countries such as; the Army Reserve, National Guard, or State Defense Forces.

The national police forces in several former communist states such as the Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact countries, but also in the non-aligned SFR Yugoslavia. The term was inherited in Russia, and other former CIS countries.

 In France the equivalent term “Milice” has become tainted due to its use by notorious collaborators with Nazi Germany.

 A select militia is composed of a small, non-representative portion of the population, often politicized.


The ability to use cyberspace to create advantages and influence events in other operational environments and across the instruments of power. Cyber power can be used to produce preferred outcomes within cyberspace or it can be use cyber instruments to produce preferred outcomes in other domains outside cyberspace.