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Caveat Emptor – Why the Cloud is Still a High Risk Option

Jul 07, 20102 mins
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When it comes down to economics, your data is not safe and SLAs become worthless due to legal wording in the contract. Who can you trust?  Maybe none of them. For some reason, I just don’t believe them:

Important Service Notice  

Posted June 29, 2010

Dear Atmos Online Customers,

We are no longer planning to support production usage of Atmos Online.  Going forward, Atmos Online will remain available strictly as a development environment to foster adoption of Atmos technology and Atmos cloud services offered by our continuously expanding range of Service Provider partners who offer production services.  We will no longer be offering paid subscription or support for Atmos Online services.  Any existing production accounts will not be billed either for past or future usage.   We will also no longer provide any SLA or other availability commitment.  As a result, we strongly encourage that you migrate any critical data or production workloads currently served via Atmos Online to one of our partners offering Atmos based services.  An updated list of partners is available here.

Beginning this week, you will see changes to the service consistent with this approach.  In the short term, these changes will neither affect your existing accounts nor your existing data.  You are welcome to continue leveraging Atmos Online for development purposes as needed.  These changes also do not affect our commitment to your success.  If you have any concerns about these changes or appropriate migration strategies and support, please feel free to contact us at

Thank you for your cooperation and ongoing interest in the Atmos family of products and services.


The EMC Cloud Infrastructure Services Team