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Mujahid’s Guide to InfoSec and a Bin Laden Rehash in Pashto

Nov 07, 20092 mins
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A rather feeble attempt at a comprehensive guide to information security from Abu Farooq was released today with the password published directly in the announcement. A bit of an oxymoron when releasing a book on information security and providing the password to the guide which is zipped. The actual file is in .pdf format with no security applied since the tool for conversion is a freeware tool.  Why password lock the document anyway?

A Mujahid’s guide to Information Security – Inshallah

I have written this document so the bits and bytes of the brothers are somewhat better protected from the kuffar.

By Abu Farooq

Qulu Fesabilillah

The guide focuses on encryption and steganography using open source or freely available tools and only serves as a weak effort to consolidate screen shots and howto’s directly from help files and install processes.

The real clincher is the request for payment for this document. I don’t think I would give anything for this meager compilation of freely available information. Weak product; feeble attempt to provide the Jihadis with a service. Survey says this is a two thumbs down –

In addition, As-Sahab media re-released a Usama Bin Laden MP3 convert to video initially released on July 26 of this year.  The only difference is an interpreter acting as a voiceover presenting it to the target audience of Pashto speaking Pakistanis.  Times are tough when you are on the run and no one will pick up a new season of your sitcom.