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Al-Qaeda Site Taken Down

Sep 15, 20092 mins
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The AlQaeda site recently reconstituted has been shutdown only a few days after reappearing.  The site now displays only a statement (gisted):

In the name of God the Merciful

A letter from your brothers in the management of a ‘Network of Islamic Devotion’

We have taken down the website ‘Network of Islamic Devotion’ to prevent the Crusaders from the entry and tampering. This is according to the direct orders we have received with respect to the anniversary of the glorious attacks.

Unfortunately, because of poor cooperation between the Global Islamic Media Front and Fajr (Dawn) Media Center the site has been slandered.

This is in order to maintain the integrity of the site since the spy dogs have infiltrated the site. 

We cannot guarantee the honor/integrity of Dawn Center for Media and the Global Islamic Media Front, since they chose to act unreasonably and without the direct leadership approval, putting the site up.

In order to ensure the honor and integrity of the Dawn Center for Media and the Global Islamic Media Front, the ‘Network of Islamic Devotion’ will be taken down (hidden) once again, but be willing to head our calling to expel the Crusaders from our lands.

 Do not forget us in your good prayers.

 Your brothers in the management of the ‘Network of Islamic Devotion.’