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From Magazines to Videos – Busy Several Weeks for Cyber Jihadis

Jul 19, 20094 mins
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 The ‘front’ in Afghanistan is required to eliminate the Taliban and Al Qaeda in Afghanistan while establishing a democratic, pro-Western government by way of a crusade preventing the Taliban’s return to Kabul.Therefore, the United States has changed its strategy there, instead searching for Taliban moderates to incorporate them into the political process.

The Global Islamic Media Front (GIMF) released the it’s 35th edition of Echo of the Jihad on June 20, 2009 operating now in its fourth year while The Cloud released an 8+ minute MP3/Real Media version of Ayman Zawahiri discussing with urgency the dilemma of the Pakistan people at the hands of the crusader Americans as he reads in both English and Arabic with both English and Arabic subtitles and the cursory image of the subject country in the background surrounded by green. In his usual manner attempting to align everything to a religious basis, Zawahiri goes on to state that Pakistan is in grave danger involved in an internal struggle between two forces:

1 – The Islamic values of unification and struggle confronting the American aggression against Pakistan and Afghanistan including the rejection of all Muslims to the occupation of their lands, the theft of their resources, and interferences in its affairs, yadayadayada calling on Pakistan to become a Citadel of Islam after 60 years of separate from India (indicating an unification of Pakistan and India under Islamic law).

2 – The second force are part of a junta supported by the US represented by the Pakistani military on the payroll of the US turning them into hunting ducks .

Zawahiri claims a new crusade is being waged from Algeria to East Turkistan and from Somalia and Chechnya and Pakistan is at the heart of this campaign claiming it will be a new system of slavery and colonialism. He continues to rant much like he did from a jail cell in Egypt after participating in the assassination of Anwar Sadat. The only way out of this is via jihad since Pakistan will be divided into many small parts. Also, the actual ruler in Pakistan is the US Ambassador who pays bribes and issues orders indicating that the Pakistani ruling class has sold their honor and religion.

It is the duty of all Muslims to rise up and fight Americans since America occupies their lands – the only way is jihad.

The Bin Laden message created on 6/12/2009 by The Cloud uses much the same background and map of Pakistan while calling on the Muslim Brotherhood in Pakistan and referencing the battles in the Swat Valley against the Americans and President Zardari of Pakistan. It seems obvious they are fearful of losing further control since they have largely lost Afghanistan and now focus their attentions to Pakistan.

Moving to an old topic, Mujahideen Secrets has again appeared with a new wrapper using both the instructions from version 1 while delivering the zipped file-containing version two and of course the public key along with a training video that is quite unprofessional compared to those released in the past. The add goes on to honor jihadis in:

– Al-Qa’eda in the East and West of the world

– The Islamic State of Iraq

– Ansar al-Islam

– Military heroes

– Army Mustafa

– Army, Abu Bakr al-Siddiq

– The Islamic Emirate – Afghanistan

– Principality of the Caucasus – Chechnya

– Army of Islam – Palestine

– The Tawhid and Jihad – Palestine

– Fatah al-Islam – Lebanon

– Young Mujahideen Movement – Somalia

And lastly we find the Taliban video of the American soldier, Private First Class Bowe R. Bergdahl, 23 of Ketchum, Idaho now in his 19th day of captivity. Out of respect for Pfc. Bergdahl and his family I will not provide images of content of the video suffice to say it is available on a site likened to a Los Angeles Raw Bar in a language other than English or Arabic.

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