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Abu Mansoor Al-Amriki

Jul 08, 20092 mins
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 Asking more questions that actually stating anything,  Abu Mansoor Al-Amriki talks for 27+ minutes in a video posted on 7/1/2009, periodically quoting Qur'anic verses. He indicates that the US is seeking sympathetic Muslims by his appeals. He goes on to say that Obama is apologetic which is the same approach the Crusaders used when defeated centuries ago.

He claims Obama wants to defeat the Muslims, calling it a hearts and minds strategy to defeat Muslims. Obama's direction is the Western form of democracy that cannot align with Islam in his words. He indicates that the stoning and cutting off hands as punishment is okay. In listing several American freedoms, Abu Mansoor Al-Amriki indicates that:

?         freedom of religion is the freedom to become an apostate

?         freedom of lifestyle means the freedom to be a homo sexual

?         freedom of speech is the freedom to abuse our prophets

?         freedom to vote means that the law of God is open to debate and change

?         justice is only that which is aligned with the US Constitution

?         equality is the same for all so long as all possess the same amount of money and power, otherwise, the rich get tax cuts and do as they wish with impunity.

He jumps from slavery to Native Americans to relations with Latin America to American bases worldwide.

He calls the attacks on 9/11 a blessed event that killed thousands as he then moves to Agent Orange and Vietnam. "Were we meant to believe that the twin towers were massively huge daycare centers and maternity wards?"

America was born out of revolution and violence ... if we follow that the Jews have the right to their homeland due to six million being killed by Hitler, then soon the Kurds will be entitled to Texas and George Bush will need to leave or be the victims of their (the Kurds) earned right to oppress them.

It seems that Al-Qa'edas strategy is to find disillusioned Westerners who not only convert to Islam but also embrace the Salafi view of Islam and are willing to accept martyrdom as their fate.