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RSA Conference is Next Week!

Apr 14, 20092 mins
Data and Information SecurityIT LeadershipPhysical Security

P2P-106A  – Session Title: Security Awareness and Training

Scheduled Date/Time: Tuesday, April 21 03:00 PM – Orange 135A

Can Web 2.0 technologies be used to help get the message across by targeting employees by age groups, learning styles, and technology savvy? What tools and techniques work in various verticals and situations? Do you provide awareness in the same way to Millennials as you do to Generation X’ers? Where should you spend your time and effort in your program? Join this discussion about security awareness and training.  

HT1-108  – Jihad Me This – Cyber Jihad Social Networking, Hacking, and Innovation

Scheduled Date/Time: Tuesday, April 21 05:40 PM – Blue 102

The Internet is the platform of choice for most extremist activities. This talk will take an in-depth look at extremist jihadi groups through their own sites, as a method of information dissemination, recruitment, product development, and propaganda using our encryption, our tools, and our virtual environments.

Cloud Security Alliance

Date/Time: Wednesday, April 22, at 2:45PM.

Location: Orange Room 131


Meet to announce the formal launch of the Cloud Security Alliance, discuss our initial guidance whitepaper and discuss plans for the year. Sorry for the date change, we will still try to do something informal on the 21st.

RR-402 –  Closed-Loop Information Assurance

Scheduled Date/Time: Friday, April 24 10:10 AM – Purple 308

This session will address information assurance standards needed to facilitate interoperability of current information systems and the level of adaptability needed for future information systems. It is the key to adaptive infrastructures and can truly lead us to autonomic computing.

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