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Usama Bin Laden (UBL) new video on the Champions of Somalia urging them to fight on.

Mar 19, 20093 mins
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Recorded in Real Media at a size of 38MB on 3/11/2009 at 10:16PM with English subtitles (actually a still picture with audio), but released today, UBL speaks in his standard Qur’anic verse, UBL slams Karzai of Afghanistan as an apostate working with America to bring down the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (comparing him to Ahmad Shah Massoud and others). He also discusses the change of Sheik Sharif and his turning his back on Islam by aligning with American interests after receiving so called inducements from an American Envoy in Kenya, combining infidel law with Islamic Law to establish a national unity government (something akin to a democracy).   UBL claims this to be a polytheism which no Muslim can be a part of.

“Two hungry wolves let loose among sheep are more ruinous to them than a man’s desire for wealth and recognition.”   This desire has ruined our leadership.

These leaders are surrogates (puppets) of our enemies since their authority is null and void ‘out of the box’ as is that of Sheik Sharif who must be fought (removed by force) and dethroned. No authority can be given to an infidel as UBL explains his basis based upon Islamic scholars.

 He quotes the Umma as saying that no infidel can withhold such as position further justifying his claim for Sheik Sharif’s removal.

He warns his brothers in Somalia to beware of those who claim to be representing Islam but are truly a wolf in sheep’s clothing as those in Somalia are today representing Islamic Institutions that truly are not giving Sheik Sharif six months to impose Islamic law. These people must take us as fools. He relates the rejection by American of Islam in Somalia just the same way America has rejected it in Iraq, Afghanistan and the Swat Valley in Pakistan.

America is asking for negotiation with Sheik Sharif who is a puppet of America. This is no different than all the other American surrogates in the region such as the Governor of Riyadh. 

Beware of institutions that have been infiltrated by infidels and who do not represent our beliefs even though they claim to focusing directly on Egypt and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Protect yourselves and kill your trespassers says UBL calling on all Somali sons to fight and support the honest Mujahideen while calling an Muslims everywhere to support the cause. Remove the invaders until Somalia is restored to Islam.

UBL also has words for the Abyssinians (Orthodox Ethiopians) as they are aligned with America.  UBL asks for all to send money to buy arms and support the cause. “If the limbs are eaten it is easy for the heart of the Islamic world to be devoured” claiming this to be occupation by proxy by the Zionist – Crusader alliance. UBL claims this is a universal crusade with attacks coming from the Sudan and Darfur reference this close proximity of Makkah and Medina saying they are within Scud missile range and the proximity of the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem occupied for some 60 years now; and crusader ships off the coast of Gaza and armies in Southern Lebanon.

This is the second media release for UBL in the last week previously releasing an MP3 on Gaza through As-Sahab, the media wing of Al-Qaeda.