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Soapbox Pulpit for a Junkyard Prophet

Mar 05, 20082 mins
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Is anyone out there other than me tired of the noise that certain so-called industry pundits and experts blurt out on a daily basis? How many of these ivory tower critics have every really lived a day in the shoes of a true security professional where they actually have to tow the corporate line? Do they really have any clue as to the trials, tribulations, pressures and problems that we face on an hourly basis? Have they every walked in the shoes of no money, no resources, and no support? 

I stopped reading the rehashed and repurposed drivel long ago but many seem to still revere the food and wine critics as if they were speaking the security sermon on the mount. How many are kept on at their respective tech companies only in the name of attracting those who still buy into the out-of-touch background noise that really offers no redeeming value to anyone but those who utter the syllables? These one trick ponies continue to flood the airwaves with views that are contrarian only since such a view is contrarian in nature and as such, will attract attention. They gather followers much the same way a lemming would enter a pasture with bovine stupidity heading to the gate for the next load of hay.

I would surely love to see these paper tigers spend a year in the shoes of those professionals who slog through the mud of corporate politics scraping for every dollar, every small victory, every minor gain. I would bet dollars to donuts that the food and wine critics of the security industry revered on the outside by some, and despised on the inside by most would last nary a week in such a role. 

I see them for what they are. The Ellsworth Toohey’s of the 21st Century. And that’s all I have to say about that.