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Dec 28, 20071 min
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The concept is interesting: … “community cloud” features, where the anti-malware process, computation, analysis, and signature comparisons are done by AV vendors and their software as a service model, drawing from threat information and trends with its users as well as the wider Internet community. It also comes with host intrusion prevention and auditing features…”

I think the idea to be sound but if the AV vendors want to play in my pasture, I think they need to feed the cow. Opt-in only won’t be enough. You’ll need to give me the AV and all surrounding packages for free along with a complete guarantees for anonymity in information sharing/reporting. 

The new MaaS (manure as a service) model is like spraying liquid manure on the pasture; the coverage is greater; things grow much faster; the return is greater but boy does it stink and there could be environmental damage.