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Smartphones, Symbian devices, iPhone, Mobile devices – Where is the Security?

Jun 18, 20071 min
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The iPhone is almost upon us.  Smartphones have been here for sometime.  None of these devices are coming with security built-in.  None of these devices has security embedded.  RIIM devices using the Blackberry Enterprise Server is the closest we have to security with mobile PDAs. Applications for payments and identification are upon us.

When are we going to learn and build security in from the start? We are destined to once again live and re-live the mistakes of the not-to-recent past. 

The AT&Ts and Verizons of the world have managed security services and consulting businesses yet security is not a part of their mobile devices.  Microsoft and Apple profess to include security in their development lifecycles yet their mobile device software does not have security built in.

All the noise from the big boys about security is proving to be nothing more than false bravado.  Why don’t they work with the security vendors to embed security from the start?  If they are, it is not readily apparent.

Fasten your seat belts, we are about to rewind back to the mid-nineties …