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iPhone App: Catchr

Feb 16, 20142 mins
Mobile Security

Ever wondered what your friends or co-workers are doing to your phone when you leave the room and leave it unattended and unlocked? 

Yeah? Hold still so I can slap the stupid out of you.

Here is a write up from Lifehacker about an application for the iPhone called, Catchr. I view this app as just a bad idea. While on one hand having an audit trail would be nice, this app basically encourages people to leave their phones unattended and unlocked. This simply gets people to pay for the luxury of learning bad behaviours.

From Lifehacker:

iPhone: If you’re worried that someone might be snooping on your phone when you leave it unattended, Catchr is an app that allows you to see what apps were opened and closed when you left your phone sitting around.

Catchr records which apps you open and close and whether or not your phone’s been moved. 

How does this strike anyone as a good idea?

From the details section in the AppStore:

This app comes in handy if you are the type of person who find privacy as being an individual right & delight. It can also be a helpful tool in figuring out which of your friends you can trust, or if your significant other is a bit nosy or not.

If someone values “privacy as being an individual right & delight” …I have no words.

And the saying goes that the lottery is a tax on stupidity? Indeed. Normally I’m not quite so animated. On the one hand you could use this application to see what someone else had accessed their phone in their absence. 

Or, maybe, just maybe.


Not sure how to set a passlock on your iPhone? Fair enough. In order to set a passcode lock on your iPhone open the “Settings” app which is most likely on your home screen. Then select “General” and scroll down to “Passcode Lock”. By selecting this you can set your passcode for your phone and you won’t need to spend $1.99 (which is apparently the discounted price) on this application.

Now, take that $1.99 you might have thrown away and donate it to a worthy cause. 

(Image used under CC from stilldavid)


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