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Chief Executive Officer, Security Innovation

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Apr 03, 20092 mins
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I’ve been noticing an interesting trend in AppSec training — specifically, organizations moving from ILT (instructor-led training) to CBT (computer-based training.)  Normally I would chaulk this up to the economy since e-Learning is more scalable and economical; however, the trend has a much more practical driver — time.  Development teams are throughput-driven and most organizations struggle taking 10-15 architects, developers, and QA staff off the bench for 2-3 days to sit through ILT. Thus, the appeal of a self-paced e-Learning course is great.

According to one recent CISO I spoke with, CBT also provides an “always on” aspect that ILT cannot and he felt this was especially germaine to security topics. Often a developer needs to learn (or refresh her knowledge) on a specific topical area – easy to do with CBT, not so much with ILT. And unlike past CBT, which meant little more than slides with a talking head, this CISO said that today’s e-Learning courses are high-quality, interactive, and engaging; thus, the knowledge sticks (a long-time knock against CBT.)

We have a perfect storm brewing here with the ingredients of:

  • 24×7 access to key security knowledge/learning
  • Cost-effective, scalable training
  • Self-paced (read: doesn’t impact the day job)
  • Everyone trying to squeeze more out of less

Looks like AppSec CBT may be here to stay…

Chief Executive Officer, Security Innovation

Ed Adams is a software executive with successful leadership experience in various-sized organizations that serve the IT security and quality assurance industries. As CEO, Mr. Adams applies his security and business skills, as well as his pervasive industry experience in the software quality space, to direct application security experts to help organizations understand the risks in their software systems and develop programs to mitigate those risks. The company has delivered high-quality risk solutions to the most recognizable companies in the world including Microsoft, IBM, Fedex, ING, Sony, Nationwide and HP.