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Chief Executive Officer, Security Innovation

IBM to acquire Watchfire

Jun 07, 20071 min
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Yesterday IBM/Rational announced it will acquire Watchfire, makers of the AppScan web security scanning tool. While the pundits down in Stamford, CT and the like pine about how the Watchfire acquisition is part of IBM’s effort to bolster its own security development lifecycle, I have two comments:

  • This has nothing to do with IBM wanting to bolster anything, esp internally. It’s all about IBM (for a change) making a proactive move to one-up their competition in the Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) space. Hello Microsoft, Borland, and Compuware… are you listening?!?!
  • IT’S ABOUT TIME!!!  Software quality solutions from large ALM vendors have long been missing a security angle.

The application security problem (a very large one in case you haven’t been paying attention) will never get solved until it is addressed on the desktops of those who are defining, writing, and testing the applications.

Bravo IBM/Rational for taking the first step… may you not be the last!!

Chief Executive Officer, Security Innovation

Ed Adams is a software executive with successful leadership experience in various-sized organizations that serve the IT security and quality assurance industries. As CEO, Mr. Adams applies his security and business skills, as well as his pervasive industry experience in the software quality space, to direct application security experts to help organizations understand the risks in their software systems and develop programs to mitigate those risks. The company has delivered high-quality risk solutions to the most recognizable companies in the world including Microsoft, IBM, Fedex, ING, Sony, Nationwide and HP.