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New 419 scam “for you attention”

Jan 29, 20072 mins
Data and Information Security

Here's a new email in circulation - a 419 scam with a UK flavor. Part of the approach seems to be to befuddle the victim with fancy talk. (Says here they've got an order of mandamus!)


"This is for you attention from Campbell Law Firm!


Pursuant to our fundamental commitment to human rights, social justice and equality which still underpin everything that we do whether in the courtroom, or out in the wider world, we wish to seek your cooperation and guidance, if you could perhaps provide us with detailed information as you share the same last name with our late client who died on July 7, 2005 London terrorist bombing leaving no trace of his immediate family members information.


Over the years, we have worked indefatigably and uncompromisingly to locate any of the relatives of our late client and all to no avail hence, the need for this correspondence. We would be delighted to have you as the apparent heir of our late client hence, you share the same last name and could possibly be somewhere in his family tree. We have been mandated by his bankers to provide any of his family members to claim his lawful assets with the bank because it is legally incumbent on us to do so as the legal representatives to the deceased."  (And so on.)