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Another bacronym enters the security world

Jan 17, 20071 min
Identity Management Solutions

I came across a reference last weekend to the word “bacronym”–an acronym that seems to have been thought up before the words for which it stands. (Apparently the word was coined back in 1983; all these years I could have been using it!) The article mentioned that the federal government is a factory of bacronyms, and here this afternoon is evidence in my mailbox. Secretary Chertoff has announced the creation of the Department of Homeland Security Traveler Redress Inquiry Program, or DHS TRIP, a central way for people to file complaints about problems with watch lists or screening.

Turns out, though, that DHS is such a bacronym factory that this one’s a duplicate: according to the Acronym Finder, TSA has already claimed TRIP for its Transit and Rail Inspection Pilot. May the best bacronym win!

-Sarah Scalet