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NSA doesn’t want to run cybersecurity

Mar 18, 20091 min
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I’m spending the day as the moderator for the third annual IT Security Entrepreneur’s Forum at Stanford University and I’ll try and post some updates as the day progresses.

In the opening keynote address, Lt. Gen. Keith Alexander, Director of the National Security Agency, discussed the need for better approach to securing information assets and suggested that government help develop an early warning system. Such a system could play a valuable role is defending against cyber risks targeting both the public and private sectors. General Alexander was clear, however, in pointing out that “NSA does not want to run this,” apparently in response to a number of media reports that flagged the agency for wanting ownership on the issue. He also voiced his support for the 60 day assessment of cyber security currently being conducted by the Obama administration.

General Alexander said that he sees serious threats coming down the road in the near future and that the nation needs to do a better job of preparing for them. Noting that “we shouldn’t blame the victims”, the General likened blaming a business when they suffer a data breach, to blaming a person when their home is robbed.