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SOURCE Boston today: Fireside chat with Dan Geer, Richard Thieme

Apr 17, 20134 mins
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Akamai's Josh Corman will host a fireside chat with two industry legends.

I won’t make it to SOURCE Boston until this afternoon, but I want to flag a talk on the morning agenda that ought to be good:

My old friend Josh Corman will moderate a “fireside chat” between two security legends: Dan Geer and Richard Thieme.

Geer is a regular at SOURCE Boston. He shows up without a slideshow or predetermined topic, but he always delivers. [For more on that, read “Dan Geer: International Man of Mystery“] Thieme is a celebrated author who writes about the challenges of new technology. Here’s the talk description:

Fireside Chat with Dan Geer and Richard Thieme

Moderated by Josh Corman – Join us as we listen to industry luminaries, Dan Geer and Richard Thieme discuss industry trends

Dr. Daniel Earl Geer Jr., Sc.D. serves as Chief Information Security Officer at In-Q-Tel. Dr. Geer serves as Principal of Geer Risk Services as well as an entrepreneur, author, scientist, consultant, teacher and architect. He has been a Member of Application Scoring and Responsible Disclosure Focus Team at Veracode Inc. since April 2007. He served as the Chief Scientist Emeritus and Vice President of Verdasys Inc. He served as the Chief Scientist of Verdasys Inc. He served as the Chief Technology Officer of @stake Inc. Prior to @stake, he served as Vice President and Senior Strategist at CertCo. Dr. Geer also served as Director of Engineering at Open Market, Inc. and as Chief Scientist and Vice President of Veritas (formerly, OpenVision Technologies).

Dr. Geer is an expert in computer security and has been recognized as a pioneer in the space for his insight into the critical issues that plague the security industry. He has been featured in publications such as Network World, Search Security and InfoWorld. A renowned expert in the field of network security, Dr. Geer has testified before the House Science and Sub- Committee on Technology regarding public policy in the age of electronic commerce. Dr. Geer has testified before Congress on multiple occasions and has served in formal advisory roles for the Federal Trade Commission, the National Science Foundation, the Treasury Department, the National Research Council, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, the Department of Defense, the National Institute of Justice and the Institute for Information Infrastructure Protection. He served as President of USENIX, the advanced computing systems association.

Dr. Geer holds a Sc.D. in Biostatistics from the Harvard School of Public Health and a S.B. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from MIT.

Richard Thieme has published dozens of articles and short stories, 3 books, and a thousand speeches. He speaks about the challenges posed by new technologies and the future, how to reinvent ourselves to meet those challenges, and radical creativity. He has keynoted conferences in Sydney & Brisbane, Wellington & Auckland, Dublin, Berlin, & Heidelberg, Amsterdam Rotterdam & The Hague, Dubai & Kuala Lumpur, Israel, and lots in Canada & USA. Clients range from GE, Medtronic, and Microsoft to the NSA, FBI, US Secret Service, and US Dept of the Treasury, plus dozens of hacker conferences including 17 years at Def Con & BH. Joshua Corman is the Director of Security Intelligence for Akamai Technologies and has more than a decade of experience with security and networking software.  Most recently he served as Research Director for Enterprise Security at The 451 Group following his time as Principal Security Strategist for IBM Internet Security Systems. Mr. Corman’s research cuts across sectors to the core security challenges plaguing the IT industry, and helps to drive evolutionary strategies toward emerging technologies and shifting economics. His research and education efforts won him the title of Top Influencer of IT by NetworkWold magazine in 2009.Rugged Software – a value-based initiative to raise awareness and usher in an era of secure digital infrastructure. Corman received his bachelor’s degree in philosophy, graduating Phi Beta Kappa and summa cum laude, from the University of New Hampshire. He resides with his wife and two daughters in New Hampshire.

Mr. Corman is a candid and highly-coveted speaker with engagements at leading industry events such as RSA, DEFCON, Interop, ISACA, and SANS.  As a staunch advocate for CISOs, Corman also serves as a Fellow with the Ponemon Institute, on the Faculty for IANS, and co-founded

Corman can be found on twitter @joshcorman and on his blog at