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#FFSec will never be the same again

Dec 10, 20122 mins
IT Leadership

I'm making big changes to my weekly Follow Friday list. Here's a preview.

For a couple of years now, I’ve been throwing all my Follow Friday shout outs into one weekly blog post. I figured it’s better to do it that way than pollute the Twitter feed every seven days with 14 #FF emails in a row. At least a few of you approve, and have even stolen the approach with my enthusiastic approval.

But lately, as I look at my list, I see room for improvement. Not in the people I highlight, but in the format, which doesn’t tell you anything about them. In the current form, it’s just a bunch of Twitter handles. You can click on them and see their Twitter pages, but it might take you all day.

I’ve been doing it that way with the idea that people could copy and paste the chunks into their own Twitter feeds and lists, which certainly serves a purpose.

But I can do better than that. So I shall.

Here’s the plan:

Starting the first week in January, I’ll no longer run every name in one post. I’ll break it into three parts: One post in the morning, one around noontime and a third and final post at the end of the day. Each post will offer more detail about each person I include: Their claim to fame, their areas of specialty and why I find them worth following. A little more context should go a long way, I think.

I also won’t give you the same names each week, and I’ll add more names more often.

Since we’re still a few weeks from the new year, I’m open to considering other format improvements. For that, of course, your feedback is required.

So, what does everyone think? Is my plan something you’d find useful? If not, what would make it better?

Start your engines, and have a happy Monday.