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Weird things vendors send me, Part 3

Nov 19, 20121 min
Data and Information SecurityTechnology Industry

I got an interesting trinket as part of a vendor pitch last week. Let me show it to you.

I got an interesting package from Solve Media, a company I’ve never heard of before. It’s a tin robot, complete with fancy retro art on the box it came in.

Here’s what it looks like.

The pitch that came with it reads:

“Robots are really cool in science fiction. But in online advertising, they are a scourge. In 2012, bots will cost advertisers $1.5 billion. Advertisers deserve a real human audience for every campaign. Solve Media is the leading provider of anti-bot technology to online publishers. Just say NO to bots!”

I’m not sure how a space robot is the same as malware on a computer, but thanks for the new trinket! If any of you have done business with Solve Media and want to offer up some thoughts on the product and its value, go for it.