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Who better for cybersecurity: Obama or Romney?

Oct 18, 20122 mins
Data and Information SecurityIT Leadership

Many of you have made up your minds on who you want for president. Not me.

I’m not inspired by either candidate. I’ve watched the debates and convention coverage and am aware of where Obama and Romney stand on pocketbook issues. And I really don’t believe it’ll make a difference who is elected in three weeks.

Consider this:

–Congress is far too dysfunctional to enact any meaningful change, and I’m not unhappy about that, because when Congress achieves anything these days, it’s usually a pile of slop shoveled from the federal pork barrel. Sometimes, dysfunction is good. With Congress in that condition — and trust me, this election won’t even come close to washing away the dysfunction — it’ll be difficult for Obama or Romney to get very far with their economic agendas. But once the election is in the rear-view mirror, they may have a chance to get a cybersecurity bill out of Congress.

–Congress came close this year, but couldn’t get it done. Fine by me, since it was a putrid piece of legislation. But with the right leadership (you never know — we might see some from these guys) a meaningful piece of legislation could emerge.

Therefore, I may base my presidential vote on who has more of a clue regarding cybersecurity.

Obama has gotten more accomplished on this score than his predecessor, mostly because there’s been more public awareness in recent years, as each new data breach and DDoS made national and global headlines.

But could Romney do better?

I’ll be watching next week’s debate closely, since national security and foreign policy will be the focus. I fully expect cybersecurity to feature prominently in the debate, since the new battlefield is online. If it’s not a major part of the discussion, I’ll be shocked. Perhaps I’m naive.

Meantime, if any of you have insight to share on which candidate gets cybersecurity, I’m all ears (and eyes, since I’m hoping to see some comments here).