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#FFSec: Security pros to follow on Twitter, Jan. 25 (NEW FORMAT)

Jan 25, 20133 mins
IT Leadership

Follow these names on Twitter. Together, they make cyberspace a more secure place. (copy and paste)

This week’s standouts:

1.) @e_cowperthwaite: Eric Cowperthwaite is the go-to guy for infosec issues affecting the healthcare industry. He oversaw his organization’s project to fix HIPAA violations and was open about it at a time when few were willing to discuss their own regulatory challenges. He’s also my number-one supplier of high-end cigars, but I swear that didn’t influence his place on this list. When you see him at security conferences, call him the Elder Statesman. He likes that.

2.) @grecs: One of the things I most appreciate about him is the effort he takes in finding research from across the Internet to share with his followers. He always puts the spotlight on other infosec professionals instead of himself. That humble quality can be hard to come by on Twitter.

3.) @WH1T3RABBIT: I don’t always agree with Rafal Los and sometimes he gets himself in trouble because he’s mighty stubborn about his opinions, but those qualities also make him a must-follow. He’s not afraid to take a stand, even when he’s catching hellfire from every direction. And despite the criticism that comes his way, those who disagree continue the discussion and stick with him. That’s respect, and he has earned it.

4.) @Shpantzer: Gal Shpantzer is another infosec pro who is not afraid to take a stand. He also tends to be a voice of reason in the security community. Those interested in risk management and just about everything else should follow him.

5.) @daveshackleford: Dave is owner of Voodoo Security and CTO of IANS. He’s also a great resource on VMware and a SANS Instructor. I’ve attended some of his SANS classes when they’ve been held in Boston, and I’m a wiser man for it.