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CSO Security Standard: Tyco’s CISO on finding and keeping talent

Sep 11, 20121 min
CareersIT Leadership

Gene Fredriksen, CISO of Tyco International, offers tips for finding the best possible talent for your security team.

The quality of the security team is pivotal to success, and building that team requires significant thought and effort. What are the more effective ways to find the right people? Here are some bullet points to consider, courtesy of Gene Fredriksen, CISO of Tyco International:

–Look internally. (As an example, he told the audience about one person that stood out in his company: a help desk employee who was always helpful and worked well with people. He recruited that employee to his security team.)

–Look externally in the more uncommon places. Look at teachers, paralegals and engineers who could easily make the leap to security.

–Develop internal training opportunities and open up attendance to those interested.

–Bring in speakers to build enthusiasm (FBI, etc.)

–Develop a competency matrix so candidates and staff understand what they must know to advance and earn a position.

–Bring in the temps and summer interns. It’s a great way to spot younger people who may have future potential.

–Start them young!

From Fredriksen’s presentation Tuesday morning.