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What’s wrong with this screen shot?

Aug 23, 20121 min
CybercrimeData and Information Security

Take a look at the following screen shot and see if you can find what's wrong with it. If you can't figure it out, read on and McAfee's Dave Marcus will explain all.

I saw an interesting screen shot on Facebook this morning. In it, there’s a bulleted list of what one can do with Express settings. Pedro Paulo Bueno, a security professional and Facebook friend, posted the screen below and said of it, “Yea…maybe Windows 8 custom settings is a better idea than express.”

Have a look:

#1 – Giving apps access to this data will result in massive data and identity exposure for unsuspecting users. GPS information is particularly valuable to todays cybercriminal.

#2 – Turning on sharing potentially exposes your drive information and data to attackers and malware that goes after shared drives. historically parasitic malware LOVES shared drives. Worms as well.  

Now you know! Proceed with caution.