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#Defcon uber badge still up for grabs — for a big price and a great cause

Jul 25, 20122 mins
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An update on that Defcon 17 uber badge on eBay: The current bid is at $3,550.01. That’s a steep price indeed. But it is for a great cause.

For diehard Defcon attendees, the uber badge is the Holy Grail of badges. It gives the recipient free access to Defcon for life. On the last day of the conference each year, they are given to the top winners of various hacking contests.

A few observant infosec friends eagerly flagged the listing on Facebook last week. Here are the details, as posted on eBay by Hackers for Charity, a non-profit organization that uses the skills of volunteer technology experts to solve challenges for various non-profits and provides food, equipment, job training, computer education and coordination of these activities for the worlds poorest citizens:

This auction is for one (1) DEFCON 17 Über Badge.  

Hackers for Charity received a DEFCON 17 Über Badge as a donation.  

This unique donation provides a creative way to raise money for Hackers for Charity. 

We are auctioning this one (1) DefCon 17 Über Badge so that the auction ends the night before DEFCON.  

YOU, the winner, can wear use this badge for entry into DEFCON 20.  We will coordinate with the winner so that Johnny Long can meet him/her Friday and pick up their Über Badge.

Additionally, as with any Über Badge, you are granted free attendance to DEFCON … for life.

That’s right. Never stand in the registration line ever AGAIN!

Due to eBay’s new charity policies and grant program, 100%, yes ALL, of the proceeds go to Hackers for Charity.

The bidding period ends tomorrow.