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A look at BSidesLV 2012

Jul 18, 20122 mins
Data and Information SecurityIT Leadership

With all the interest in Black Hat and DefCon, I wanted to remind everyone that BSidesLV is happening next week as well. It’ll be at the Artisan Boutique Hotel July 25 and 26.

That’s the same time Black Hat will be going on, so some advance scheduling might be necessary. I’m going to spend the morning at BSidesLV and the afternoon at Black Hat one day and the other way around the next day. All in all, it should be fun and enlightening.

Here’s a partial look at the BSidesLV schedule (full agenda here):

Wednesday 25Jul

KEYNOTE, Jack Daniel: “The State of Security BSides”

Matt Weeks: “Ambush – Catching Intruders At Any Point”

Robert Rowley: “Max Level Web App Security”

Michael Fornal: “How I managed to break into the InfoSec World with only a tweet and an email.”

David Keene: “Breaking Microsoft Dynamics

Ken Westin: “When Devices Rat Us Out”

Rick Flores: “Exploit Development with Metasploit”

Thursday, 26Jul

Raphael Mudge: “Force Multipliers for Red Team Operations”

Andrew Hay & Matt Johansen: “Applications and Cloud and Hackers, Oh My!”

Brendan O’Connor: “Reticle: Dropping an Intelligent F-BOMB”

Josh Sokol/Dan Cornell:”The Magic of Symbiotic Security: Creating an Ecosystem of Security Systems”

James Lester & Joseph Tartaro: “Burp Suite: Informing the 99% of what the 1%’ers are knowingly taking advantage of.”

Gillis Jones: “The Badmin project: (Na-na-nanana Na-na-nanana BADMIN)”

IPv6 Panel / Drinking Game