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New think tank: Centre for Strategic Cyberspace + Security Science (CSCSS)

Mar 28, 20123 mins
Data and Information SecurityIT Leadership

A new infosec think tank has launched. Its CEO, Richard Zaluski, sent me the following LinkedIn message about it:

Dear Friends, Colleagues, Partners and Associates,       

It is with great pride and pleasure that I announce to you the formation of the Centre for Strategic Cyberspace + Security Science / CSCSS. A first-of-its-kind, strategic cyberspace think tank.

Our vision is to ensure that cyberspace remains open to innovation and the free flow of ideas, information, and expression. The mission is to conduct high-quality, credible, independent research, and provide innovative, focused, realistic recommendations and initiatives. We recognize and understand that we need a broader and better cyberspace focus to drive a proactive cyber-vision and to ensure that CSCSS achieves success in its drive, mission and objectives for cyberspace.

The Centre will operate internationally and is headquartered in London, United Kingdom, with regional offices in a variety of locations. This provides CSCSS with a strong global footprint and effective reach into potential strategic partnerships at varied levels. CSCSS will address global and regional issues and agendas related to cyberspace, cyber security, and research and development.

We are determined to tackle threats on a global level with our focus on the international aspects of cyberspace and security. This will be achieved by actively engaging and collaborating with public-private sector and interagency partners, and leveraging the use of research and resources. We will drive and converge cyber security to focus on key issues, infrastructures, and coordinated preventative and responsive activities.

The Centre for Strategic Cyberspace + Security Science (CSCSS) is a multilateral, international not-for-profit organization that conducts independent, cyber-centric research, development, analysis, and training in the areas of cyberspace, defence intelligence, cyber security, and science while addressing the threats, trends, and opportunities shaping international security policies and national cyberspace cyber security initiatives.

CSCSS, as a strategic leader in cyberspace, works jointly with key partners to address, develop, and define cyber technologies, cyber defence force capabilities, information dominance, and concept operations. We deliver practical recommendations and innovative solutions and strategies to advance a secure cyberspace domain.

Our focus is on cyberspace research and development, the science of cybersecurity, defence, cyber warfare, defence intelligence, cyber science and security, national/regional cyber security, the protection of critical infrastructures, and transnational challenges ranging from geopolitical cyber security issues to the strategic cyber development of international legal and policy frameworks.

CSCSS, through its varied programs, will establish coordinated cyber leadership, improving GRC, risk management, and developing, coordinating, integrating, and synchronizing cyberspace operations and resources.

The Centre will execute cyber activities, creating synergy to defend the cyberspace information security environment, while promoting CSCSS as a capable and respected international leader in cyberspace, cyber warfare, information dominance and defence, cyber security, and research and development.

It is clear in my mind that in order to achieve success in the magnitude versioned at the very outset of forming CSCSS, the approach needs to be far very robust for CSCSS and that involves engagement into the global cyberspace community at the executive and cyberspace practioners level.

I hope that I get to connect with you in person at cyber events globally, very soon. Please feel free to contact me at any time!

Thank You,


Richard Zaluski

President, Chief Executive Officer