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Rolf Moulton running for (ISC)2 Board of Directors

Sep 04, 20123 mins
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The (ISC)2 board director has served as treasurer, head of the audit committee, board secretary and as chairman.

Another candidate for the (ISC)2 Board of Directors to tell you about…

Rolf Moulton is no stranger to the board. He has been president and interim CEO of (ISC)2 and has served as treasurer, head of the audit committee, board secretary and as chairman.

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On his web page, he makes the following pitch for a spot on the ballot:

I would like to be elected to the (ISC)² Board to enable me to provide the positive Petition or click the “Petition” button on the left of this page to go to myTime is of the essence in meeting this request.  Or you can send    I pledge to influence and lead the Board to:Continue enhancing the value of our Certifications and support programs in each ofMaintain direct contact with our Certified Professionals and measure the pulse of theProvide Board direction and prioritize its focus on the needs of our grass-roots: i.e., our

leadership that is necessary to make a meaningful impact on the future direction of the

CISSP, as well as the other (ISC)² Certifications. Specifically to make sure that our

Certifications continue to meet the needs of our individual Members and the organizations

they serve.

In the recent past, I have successfully served as (ISC)²’s President and CEO(i), and as an

(ISC)² Board Member, with my last Board service completed in 2010. Hence, I bring

unequaled experience and knowledge of our organization and its products and services.

In order to continue making a difference I need your help. I must get at least 500 (ISC)²

Certificate Holders (CISSP, CSSLP, CAP and SSCP) to sign my Petition by September 17,

2012 to be included on the (ISC)² Election of Directors Ballot. The Petition process is very


Please click


e-mail to me with your CISSP number to:

If elected,


    their categories in order to meet new industry and government demands.


    industries they serve so that their needs can be met with agility.


   Chapters and Member support programs.

Thank you in advance for acting on my request by signing my Petition.  Please feel free to

contact me should you have any questions.

Rolf Moulton, CISSP-ISSMP

Also seeking spots on the ballot:

Dave Lewis aka @Gattaca 

Scot Terban aka @Krypt3ia

Chris Nickerson aka @indi303

Boris Sverdlik aka @Jadedsecurity