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Before going to #RSAC, read ‘FUD is the Bastion of the Weak and the Shameless’ by Nick Selby

Feb 25, 20121 min
IT Leadership

My friend Nick Selby has tackled one of my favorite subjects in his latest blog post: PR FUDmeisters who play up threats well beyond what they deserve, for the sake of getting press. Right out of the gate he makes his position plain with the title: “FUD is the Bastion of the Weak and the Shameless.”

Go read it HERE.

As a journalist, I deal with this sort of crap all the time. Most of the time, I ignore the PR pitch because responding would be a waste of my precious time. But once in awhile I like to flag examples of PR stupidity. 

Here’s one example.

Here’s another.

These rubbish pitches really start to pile up and stink in the month-long march toward the RSA Conference. I tried to warn PR agencies that their practices were more harmful than good, and gave them advice on how to pitch RSA-related news. Some listened. But as Nick points out, some missed the memo.

Nick does a great job at pointing out the FUD in his post. So if you haven’t left this blog to go read his yet, please do so now.