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#Anonymous drops Boston PD names, addresses, family info

Jan 17, 20122 mins
Data and Information Security

Someone connected to Anonymous and the Occupy Boston movement has dumped personal information on Boston PD personnel in Pastebin.

It started about six hours ago, when “Guido Fawkes” — @p0isAn0N on Twitter — sent out this tweet:

Been outta the loop fora few weeks due to this Boston (expletive). But (expletive) them Dropping dox tomorrow. Back to my regular stuff #Anonymous #AntiSec

Then came this tweet:

Some of my dox. Pastebin removed the rest 🙂

I won’t run the whole document here, but at the top @p0isAn0N says:

Every time you remove this I will post in 2 more times. So come at me bro’s.

Below are the home phone numbers, names, & addresses from 40 various ranking police officers from the Boston Police Department. Also is their payroll amount from late 2008. (Probably hasen’t changed much since then)

We do not condone violence, we do however condone equal accountability through carefully researched information.

I’m not sure why Anonymous thought releasing this would contribute to the public good, but whatever.

Anonymous has the potential to do great things. Then it does stuff like this.

Maybe they should read and learn from “Building a Better Anonymous” by Josh Corman and Brian Martin.

The Corman-Martin project examines, among other things, “how Anonymous has failed in theory and practice” and how the organization could do some real good if it wants to.

–Bill Brenner

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