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McAfee to acquire SIEM vendor NitroSecurity

Oct 04, 20112 mins
Data and Information Security

The security world is waking up to news of another big acquisition.

With its acquisition of NitroSecurity, McAfee says it will align core security information and event management capabilities into its Security Connected Framework.

In a statement, McAfee said the combination will give organizations greater visibility into their enterprise endpoint assets, underlying network infrastructure, specific security threats and risks and system vulnerabilities across their entire IT environment.

McAfee says the proposed transaction will bring together best-in-class technologies:

•NitroSecurity’s leadership position in the SIEM market will help McAfee significantly expand its Risk and Compliance and Global Threat Intelligence capabilities

•NitroSecurity’s SIEM management, which has already passed integration testing with McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO), gives customers a single security platform for event analysis and management across the enterprise. The integration expands the capability of the McAfee ePO platform to view events, activity and logs created by networks, databases and applications.

•The McAfee ePO platform can leverage the extended SIEM capabilities to more rapidly institute a range of monitoring and mitigation actions, such as issuing new configurations, implementing new policies and deploying more recent software updates

“McAfee is focused on keeping its customers safe with optimized security and risk management solutions,” Stuart McClure, general manager and senior vice president of the Risk and Compliance business unit at McAfee, said in the statement. “McAfee has taken another significant step toward this goal with the proposed acquisition of NitroSecurity. With NitroSecurity’s technology and talent, McAfee can expand its reach into new markets, secure new platforms and strengthen its hold as the leader in the security risk management market.”

–Bill Brenner

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