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A more ‘sensible, focused discussion’ from Anonymous? Let’s hope so

Aug 11, 20112 mins
Data and Information Security

Yesterday’s pointcounterpoint with my pal Tyler Shields of Veracode was fun and useful. I argued Anonymous won’t kill Facebook because they are as addicted as the rest of us. Tyler argued that the group is more unpredictable and dangerous than I suggested.

But I might have the last word yet.

Anonymous seems to be backing off and renouncing the goal of some members to destroy Facebook.

Consider the following post from the Security Watchdog blog:

The latest Twitter activity, however, seems to indicate that senior members of the group have decided to denounce the OpFacebook campaign completely, instead urging supporters who dislike Facebook to delete account data.

“An Anonymous board meeting was held. We have decided to renounce #OpFacebook. That is all,” noted one statement.

Anonyops then revealed that “the old hats of Anonymous” had decided to take a firmer role in the direction of the group.

“We’re taking Anon back. Time for sensible, focused discussion,” it said.

Is this all a game to drive us into complacency so we will indeed be surprised if something happens Nov. 5?

Perhaps. Perhaps not.

But if the old guard of Anonymous wants a more sensible, focused discussion I’m all for it.

We can start the discussion by asking where the justice is in leaking all kinds of private information on innocent bystanders whose only crime was to trust big corporations and government agencies with their data.

Anonymous wants to punish organizations for damaging our privacy and undermining freedom. It wants to promote freedom and justice.

All good goals.

But Anonymous has soiled that reputation with all its collateral damage.

If its elders do indeed want a more sensible, focused discussion, let’s start there.

–Bill Brenner

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