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Happy ending to Vegas robbery — sort of

Aug 04, 20112 mins
Data and Information Security

A couple who spent there first full day in Las Vegas trying to find their belongings got some of it back. But a credit card thief was already at work.

First, a recap: SOURCE Boston founder Stacey Thayer and her husband, Veracode chief scientist & co-founder Christien Rioux, lost their belongings in Vegas, presumably at the hands of a pick-pocket.

Not a pleasant way to start Black hat, Defcon and BsidesLV. Fortunately, many, many conference attendees were ready to help with money or anything else the couple needed.

“Wow….just…wow. truly truly touched. neither of us are terribly good at “accepting”, but please believe how stunned/touched we are,” Thayer said in a tweet last night.

A bit later, she announced that her bag had been found.

“Have Bag, ID, credit cards, and phone. Cash is gone but I am just so happy to have important stuff!” she said.

Unfortunately, the jerk who stole her husband’s wallet had already started abusing its contents.

“When @dildog went to cancel his cards, he found someone has already started using it,” Thayer said.

Crappy as that is, it was wonderful to see so many folks from the security community coming forward with offers of help.

You guys rock.

–Bill Brenner

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