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Robbed in Vegas

Aug 03, 20111 min
Data and Information Security

SOURCE Boston founder Stacey Thayer and her husband, Veracode chief scientist & co-founder Christien Rioux, lost their belongings in Vegas, presumably at the hands of a pick-pocket.

Thayer described what happened on Twitter:

“@dildog and I were simultaneously robbed tonight. I had my bag slug over my chair and he had his wallet and phone in his pocket…

“Everything we had is gone. We’re working with Caesars on this, but it’s not pretty for anyone. We can’t get food or anything…

“While we both might be individually flawed/might lose stuff, I don’t believe that both of us losing significant items is coincidental…

“We aren’t looking for anything besides help, if you saw a little Coach bag or a wallet with an insert. DM if you can help. Thanks!”

To those in Vegas: Help ’em if you can, please.

–Bill Brenner