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Facebook becomes a spam cesspool

May 05, 20112 mins
Core Java

It no longer matters if you’re a security pro or not. If spammers want to pollute your Facebook page, they will.

I’ve seen Facebook spam by the ton in recent days, a lot of it on the walls of some of my friends in the security world. This doesn’t speak badly of them, in my opinion. It simply means it’s incredibly easy to hijack someone’s wall.

Facebook needs to up its security game and aggressively go after the jerks who keep doing this.

In the meantime, I found something posted on Facebook this morning that serves as a useful reminder to people to watch what they click. I’m not sure who originally wrote it, but here it is:

Dear FB Friends/family: You can’t find out who saw your profile. You won’t see what you’ll look like in the future. You won’t know what that man saw when he walked in on his daughter. There are no free IPads. And you can’t see the video of Osama’s death… Not on Facebook. Please stop clicking the spam links and exposing yourself and friends to virus risks. If you agree repost.

I usually roll my eyes at the “repost this” messages I see on Facebook. Much of it is political, self-righteous babble. But this one is something I’d repost.

In fact, I have.

–Bill Brenner