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McAfee acquires Sentrigo for database security, compliance

Mar 23, 20112 mins
Data and Information Security

Intel’s McAfee sent word this morning that it plans to acquire Sentrigo, a company known for its database security and compliance products.

McAfee says the union will allow it to grow its database security portfolio and deliver “comprehensive, industry-leading solutions to serve the rapidly growing database security market.”

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Sentrigo was already a member of the McAfee Security Innovation Alliance (SIA) partner program, and in 2010 McAfee entered into an OEM relationship to offer Sentrigo database security products under the McAfee brand name. With the acquisition, McAfee will fully integrate Sentrigo’s database security technology into its ePolicy Orchestrator software, allowing for complete management from a single platform.

“The integration of Sentrigo with McAfee will provide customers with the highest level of security across their database environments and allow companies to rapidly deploy a database security strategy in a cost-effective manner. McAfee is continuing to broaden its security portfolio to now secure databases, as well as endpoints, networks, email, and web,” McAfee President Dave DeWalt said in a statement. “In addition to the acquisition announcement, McAfee is also announcing a complete database security platform which includes products across the McAfee portfolio.”

In the press release, McAfee said the acquisition will:

•Stop database attacks, including SQL injection, the number one web-borne threat against databases

•Minimize the risk of a breach of personally identifiable information and other sensitive data, reduce breach-associated notification costs, and ensure audit compliance and reporting

•Diagnose and assess the database environment so customers detect threats before they are exploited and receive the optimum security for their unique infrastructure

•Build on the McAfee Risk and Compliance portfolio and expand current vulnerability management solutions to include operating systems, networks, web applications, and databases

•Provide complete visibility into all transactions by leveraging database audit and database activity monitoring solutions

•Leverage Sentrigo’s unique virtual patching capability to deliver a strong level of protection for database systems — without the downtime and application testing associated with vendor patching

Once the acquisition is completed — the target is by the end of next month — the Sentrigo team will report to the McAfee Risk and Compliance business unit, headed by Stuart McClure, senior vice president and general manager.

–Bill Brenner